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Wordpress is complex

Wordpress has given site owners the ability to do a lot of things for themselves that previously would have required hiring a professional. It's a very powerful tool but by making it so accessible via the admin interface it's code-base and workflow is very complex. Some things which are simple to code in principal, such as an Ajax request, are rather more involved to integrate correctly into a Wordpress site. A custom api for a Wordpress site must work harmoniously with the built-in Wordpress api. Bespoke code must not interfere with core Wordpress or prevent updates, nor be removed by updates.

Free plugins are a double-edged sword

Everyone likes functionality for free but whilst core Wordpress is extremely robust and stable there is only haphazard development scrutiny of plugins in the Wordpress directory and many plugins and themes have undergone no scrutiny whatsoever and can and often do break people's sites. At scideas software our most frequent advice to owners of Wordpress sites is to remove as many plugins as possible to concentrate on the ones really needed. Finding a troublesome plugin can be very time-consuming and so very expensive.

Every site is different

Many of the projects scideas software completes for Wordpress site owners involve modifying a theme or a plugin. There are many excellent plugins with extensive feature sets but sometimes they lack that one feature that your particular workflow needs to make your site successful. In our portfolio you will find numerous examples of plugin customization from the very complex like Memberpress, Gamipress and Learndash to relatively straightforward plugins like Simple JWT Login.

Not just a blog

Wordpress may have started out as essentially a blogging script but its enduring popularity reflects its transformation into a generic website management system capable of hosting serious and complex web applications. Another common project theme is data integration between a Wordpress plugin such as Memberpress and a third-party platform such as chartmogul.

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