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Realizing business aims

Sometimes a site owner imagines a desired business aim but has no idea how or even if it can be accomplished. With well over a decade of bespoke development experience scideas software is able to provide the answers. Occasionally something really can't be done but usually we are able to provide alternative solutions to a stated problem, indicating the pros and cons of each possibility.

Lateral thinking

Developers can have a tendency to think in straight lines. Sometimes that's an advantage, for example when tracking down a bug. However imagination and lateral thinking are also important. When considering a development proposal scideas software will sometimes suggest alternative business aims which achieve the desired outcome but in a different way, perhaps more reliable or more efficient or better suited to future growth.

Avoiding problems

scideas software will always consider the bigger picture. For example, sometimes an idea can be implemented technically but to do so would have undesired consequences for other aspects of a site; adversely affecting speed, compromising user experience or making future development more difficult and costly for example. We will always tell you if we think it's a bad idea, never just accept the letter of a job and then run.

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