scideas software terms and conditions


Standard terms and conditions

1. All communication is via email; no skype, screen sharing etc.

2. Communication is vital for a successful online project; if you think you don't have time to carefully read or properly respond to messages from your developer then online procurement of development services is not for you.

3. Thorough testing is vital and takes time; this is taken into account when specifying milestone durations.

4. scideas software will fix any bugs free of charge for an indefinite period in the original code in the context for which it was delivered. Bugs that arise due to later editing by a third party or by the owner or due to changes in other software or changes in hardware will incur a fee to be fixed.

5. Only functionality specified before the agreement to develop is concluded will be provided within the price agreed. Where new requests are made after development has started they may, at our discretion, incur increased costs.

6. Where login credentials are provided to scideas it is the client's responsibility to change these after the job is complete.