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Code analysis

Sometimes a client request is self-contained and a quote can be given with no further deliberation. More often however and especially for new customers, analysis of the existing code base must be carried out before any sensible answers can be offered. For this reason scideas software often needs FTP access before a job is commenced. Understanding the flow of data through a site can be crucial not just to the client's stated request but also to determining if the scope needs to be expanded; for example when implementing a data integration solution an additional one-off script is usually required to reconcile existing data.

Making technology work for you

At scideas software we use our experience to create a costed spec that brings together a client's business goals and the technology necessary to make them happen. We can advise on the technology options, make suggestions in keeping with best page speed, future-proofing and ease of maintenance. We can also offer realistic compromises that reduce scope and cost without prejudicing quality.

Achievable outcomes

Sometimes a client's expectations go beyond what can reasonably be achieved and at scideas software we are not afraid to tell you if your idea is simply not possible with current technology or that it would reduce the quality of your workflow or compromise security. More often there may be certain aspects that need to be modified or perhaps dropped altogether and we will explain the issues and make suggestions. The idea may be possible but far more costly than the client has imagined; if this is the case we will always explain why.

An agreed spec with costed milestones

Taking into account what is achievable, affordable and necessary using the most appropriate methods we will present a spec comprising costed milestones for agreement. Breaking a project into milestones makes client oversight simpler, testing less onerous and reduces risk for both parties. Milestones are invoiced via PayPal after being signed off as complete by the client.

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